La Liga | Round 29: FC Barcelona - Valladolid 1-0


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4-2-4 all out attack, Koeman style

10y old kid playing FM style, bringing on attackers when needing to score. We all know what Cruyff said about this.
Not so much attack since the subs, but a loss of control of the game. The worst Barcelona player is better than the best Valladolid player, so someone might still decide it, just as they could before the subs, but Koeman is losing this game with his subs, as many times before.


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Puig on FTW. Seriously, better in 5 minutes than the entire rest of the team in the remainder of the game.

What an awful team performance. SO many runs overlooked, awful passes. Plenty of space, wasted. Sigh...
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Lets quickly forget abkut this match. At the end the job got done despite how bad it was and no yellows for Frenkie and Messi.
On to el classico!


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Not a red and thankfully he ended after 4 minutes when he could've easily added an extra minute to those 4.

Madrid must be furious.
We move.


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Decade of dominance is upon us!! Get in Dembele!!

When you play that shit and score last minute winners you know we?re gonna win title.


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Might have been an overall awful performance from Barca but they have a habit of scoring near the end recently. That's a winning side right there :laporta:


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Very undeserved win. Nobody can say the ref was biased towards Madrid after that red anyway. Good thing is this team shouldn't be as bad on Saturday and are actually better away from home these days


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They were too arrogant about the game and almost paid. We had to sweat. Well, we had no luck with the implementation. Go ahead!

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