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Who will win La Liga?

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This forum itself demonstrates how much racism prevails in Europe and some third-world countries are much better placed - here, I am sorry to say that racism is promoted and the victim is targeted - so what you expect from a country like this - we can differ on team we like or may differ in opinion we have but never thought that values is too low as we cannot see all human being in equal terms - better you ban me but what I say is that introspect and criticise vini as it shows your all true character and education - but do not criticise a person because he belongs to particular race or wish him death because he is of different colour -
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Kounde “Discriminatory insults should not be tolerated or justified. To say that a player’s behavior can provoke racist reactions is to shift the debate…. What sanctions exist beyond football? Are they actually applied? Are they sufficient?”


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Just saw a compilation of the incidents during different games.

At Camp Nou our fans wished for him to die. We are in the clear.


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Dont they have goal line technology in Spain?

Nope, only VAR.



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