La Liga 2022/23

Who will win La Liga?

  • Atletico de Madrid

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Senior Member
Madrid will not drop any points to these garbage teams. We need to beat them at Camp Nou and that will put the title to bed.

Lose there and it goes into chaos.


Culé de Celestial Empire
That Bernabeu pitch looks horrible. Potato field. Is that the result of 150m spent on getting that retractable pitch? Hahaha, nice.

El Gato

Probably just my dislike for him talking, but fuck me, there's zero sophistication in his game. Just 50/50 decision making at all times.

He's a bonheaded winger that will get you 20 chances per game of the 40 times he gets the ball. What do you expect

El Gato

It's a classic argument that normally happens between folk who demand he thinks before he makes a move every time and those that don't care but makes it up along the way in a correct way more often than not. Success rate of both styles is what matters and Vini is good just needs help so it's not all on him

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