La Liga 2022/23

Who will win La Liga?

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Yes modric is all of a sudden drastically starting to feel & show is age.

They need to add some legs there & replace Benzema this summer.

With freaking Mbappe, Jesus Christ.

Good thing that Mbappe doesn't like playing as a 9 and would much rather play in Vinicius' position.

We'll see what RM does this summer.


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Montes to #Espanyol was the most expensive signing by a #LaLiga club in this transfer window... Only ?8m. Bournemouth, who are in the #PremierLeague relegation zone, have spent around ?60m in this transfer window. La Liga rules and Financial FairPlay are ruining Spanish teams.

Wake the fuck up LaLiga!!! We are going to shitter. Nobody will watch this league soon without any talent.

Tebas is singlehandedly destroying Spanish football. Disgrace.


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My compatriot S?rloth robbed ter Stegen of that player of the month award. Well, well, not completely undeserved either way


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Interesting call. Benzema clearly hit the head of Valencia def, but the ball was nowhere near them. I don't care and I am happy with the call but a bit "stupid"... Still, happy and don't give a f* for Benzema :)


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That's harsh, that's not a foul...

Seems like you've said the same thing in a lot of Madrid games where decisions have gone against them. Are the refs really as in favour of them as you've previously thought?

Having watched almost every game of Barca and Madrid season, I would say there is no noticeable bias, both teams get away with a lot sometimes and sometimes run into harsh decisions also.

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