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Didn't know Kaka was a right midfielder tbh.

It'll probably screw up their whole system signing him to replace Ronaldo. If they make him play behind the frontman then that means one of Berbatov, Rooney and Tevez will definitely be surplus...


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Aha, i heard it on the radio. Tbh i expected them to get it from a more trustworthy source than the Sun.

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Eh, I don't think Kaka will end up in any of English clubs. He will probably stay in Milan or another option is that he will go to Madrid.


$hit...we'll deal with both of them...screw MAD-RID(they are MAD get RID of them)


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Real Madrid could well be the most detested club on planet earth. Kaka, Ribery and any other big names their after should tell them to stick their offer up their ass!
Funnily enough i wouldn't mind seeing them getting C.Ronaldo :lol:


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kaka is their most financially achievable target because they will have adidas' backing. nike will want ribery and ronaldo elsewhere.

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