Julian Alvarez


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Now don't miss out on Claudio Echeverri

Is he better than Prestianni?

Btw, reports that Planes had him tied up for a fraction of his current price a few years back but the club didn't pull the trigger. Sounds about right.


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Planes was best thing to happen to club in years in terms of signings.

The board sees him off and give keys to Xavi whos signings dont even make sense in terms of how he tries to get team to play.

Other than Christensen all the best players were there previously.


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Wonderful player.

We missed because Xavi and Jordi decide...
No other reason.

Until we have a proper sporting SD and sporting department, our fate is the Raphinias and the Ferrans


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He's young, but not young enough to be 2nd choice. Personally I can't understand a guy like him.
tbf to him, he signed for City before Haaland did.

Think it would have been a different story if he knew Haaland would join.

I feel that he's will want to get a move in summer 2024 if he's not getting enough playing time. Would love for him to join Barca if he ever wants to move.


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I refuse to believe a club that looks at a player like Ferran Torres and thinks it's fine to pay 60m for him would even would even be capable of logically realizing the talent in a gem like this guy.

That cat who signed Pedri and Araujo was the only smart eye for talent there was at this club and somehow we let him go lol.


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Time to sign him was when he was available for 20m, but Xavi insisted on signing the Valencian Ezquerro instead who was supposed to be a center piece of his project.

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