Josep Maria Bartomeu


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How has nobody tried to assassinte this guy.

I mean Barca fans were throwing a pigs head at Figo and threatened his life all the time, but they did nothing to a guy who has almost destroyed the club.

Barto is a Madrid mole, I am 100% sure of it. He must pay for his crimes, first make him pay all the damages the club suffered because of him, then a public execution at the Camp Nou. The end a rat like him deserves.


I still remember having arguments here that this guy was a rat and was doing an exceptionally poor job back when I firstly signed up. Some people just cant criticise any aspect of the club and take anything they say via their mouthpieces at face value without an ounce of scrutiny.

Edit: Also thread tittle has way to much respect for someone like him the fucking rat.
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Neymar broke Bartomeu. After Neymar left, Bartomeu decided that the only way to keep players in the club was with money. And he began to distribute them. Messi also contributed to this with his contract amounts. The cycle is over, I hope.


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Bartomeu first year was good tbf.
Put his trust in Zubi and let him fo his thing while staying in his lane.
But firing a competent SD (albeit not a perfect one) and then sticking his nose in the team was a disaster.
After Neymar, he was on a mission to destroy us.


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Catalan police have identified Oscar Grau and Gomez Ponti as responsible for leaking Messi and Pique's contracts. [cadena ser]


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The Economic Crimes Prosecutor's Office investigates the 'exchange' of Cillessen and Neto carried out in the summer of 2019 by Valencia and Barcelona.

They better not look at the Arthur Pjanic deal.

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