Foreign players in La Masia


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Some more:

Maximiliano Rolon Argentina 19-01-95 Forward Juvenil B
Mohamed El Ouriachi Morocco 13-01-96 Forward Cadete A (Real Madrid want him)
Andrei Onana Cameroon 02-04-96 Goalkeeper Cadete A
Anas Serroukh Morocco 06-01-97 Forward Cadete B
Alexis Yves Meva Cameroon 16-09-97 Forward Cadete B
Roman Tugarinov Russian 20-10-99 Defender Infantil B

I hope everything is correct :)
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Anyone any ideas about:
- Ayoub Abiu Oulam (is he a foreign player?)
- Aladji Djemba Ba Dia
- Haitam Abaida
- Mamadou Seydu
- Ilias Akhomach Chakkour

And how does Barcelona recruit some of these youngsters? Are they actively scouting worldwide for players that young (11, 12, 13) or do the players come to Barcelona themselves trough trails or via agents?

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Cadete A's Toni Sanabria is foreign... but not sure where he's from. Presumably somewhere in south america


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Dimonsss, Did Armand Ella sustain a career ending injury ?

He's on trial with danish Superliga side FCM at the moment.
His stock must've fallen considerably the last few years, but it would still be interesting to watch him play in my local league, should they decide to sign him.


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Bobby adekanye is from Ajax, he left last summer. Was really dissapointed to see him leave, the star of his team together with Justin Kluivert(yes, Patricks son).

Anyone knows how he's been doing?


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I couldn't find the Mexican-Japanese-Chinese player in the Masia website. Maybe he's just playing elsewhere now?
His name is Ryuken Nishizawa Fung.
Update anyone?


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Republic of Ireland now represented...9 year old Zak Gilsenan from Dublin signed to the academy


The schoolboy went on trial with the La Liga giants in May and after seeing off 400 other young hopefuls won a second trial with the Catalan club in June in which he excelled, scoring seven goals in a trial match.

Gilsenan was living in Australia with his family when he was spotted by Tottenham scouts after playing in a summer camp hosted by the club and he looked all set to sign for the north London outfit before a call from Barca led to his trial and the lure of the Camp Nou proved too much for the junior sensation to turn down.

Stephen Gilsenan, Zak's father, told the Sun: "We came home with the intention of letting Zak go to Spurs, but in the meantime we had a call from Barcelona. One of their former players saw him playing in Oz and recommended him to Barca.

"They offered Zak a trial in May and it was a great experience. It consisted of over 400 boys from all over the world. He was asked back in June when it was cut down to 90.

"Then in a match between the top 16 players, Zak just ran riot and scored seven goals. He was phenomenal. Then we heard back two weeks ago and they offered him a spot."

Gilsenan's family will now move to Spain to give the gifted youngster the best chance of making the grade at the famous academy.

"I know Zak is young to be doing this but kids are like a sponge at this age," his proud father said.
"People say we are mad but in Barcelona he will be educated in the best footballing techniques.
"All we can do is go and see how it develops. We know it’s ruthless over there.

We don’t want him turned into a machine we just want him to enjoy it. It’s his dream to play for Ireland," he continued.


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Maybe he wasn't part the 400 players Barça trialed, little videos of tricks and skills on YT don't automatically guarantee your place in the best youth system of the world...


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Maybe he wasn't part the 400 players Barça trialed, little videos of tricks and skills on YT don't automatically guarantee your place in the best youth system of the world...
Yeah i know, just saying that the kid must have been devastated when he heard the news


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He is not devastated thankfully!

Yeah i know, just saying that the kid must have been devastated when he heard the news

Hi, this is Ciarans Dad, he does not mind and is happy for the kid. Ciaran is a small confident kid. I never played, he had a great Uncle playing first Team soccer in the UK a long time ago so maybe that's we're his skill comes from. Yes he can do tricks like many of the greats in better style at their age but he loves playing and using skill more than anything else. Messi himself is on YouTube juggling at age 10 which is nice to watch. Coordination is very important and ball control in soccer. The Academy have seen Ciarans videos so maybe he will get a chance. The kids and Adults that come from Spain love Ciaran performing ground skills and Freestyle and sometimes he has little showdowns with the older adults. You can see this on YouTube. Ciaran got me interested in Soccer and People often say that I must be great at it after he plays a game but I have two left feet,! I am just very proud of him. He has earned a lot of his own attention in the media and it goes over his head. He has got the attention of Scouts too from Everton and Southampton too who will hopefully come see him play this year. The Brazilian population in Dublin City love him. He raises money too for children with critical illnesses and this makes him very happy. The freestyle is great as it helps a lot with confidence in massive crowds, builds strength and he gets to meet the World Champion and perform with greats. It also helps with ball coordination and knowing were the ball is. He attracts his own attention and makes his own connections, he does not have a Parent or Coach who has contacts or puts him out in front of scouts. Whatever he does or wherever he goes in life, all that matters to him is that he can still play ball. His dream is to play for Barca but nearly every kid wants that. With his determination I hope his dream comes through but there are other clubs too so I have no doubt he will do something with a ball. You can see his videos on YouTube or pictures of interested people watching his little skills on Facebook. When people from he UK etc say, you will play for Manchester or Chelsea someday, Ciaran says, "no only Barcelona" thank you for mentioning him here too.


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I love your son's dedication to Barca, Mike.

In 10 years Ciaran and Zak will be our Irish attack duo! I already see Mundo and Sport coining nicknames :)

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