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It's a problem if cutting costs means not being competitive. Laporta needs to understand that the team is the best in the sport, can't drop off. And I stress this again, handball is 3rd most popular team sport in Europe after football and basketball.

The whole handball team costs us the wages of Griezmann for 3 months probably :lol:. And they are European Champions and won every game last season.

He doesn’t care at this point. Laporta’s No.1 focus is cutting cost and he is doing so across the board, both in the sporting and non-sporting areas of the club. We will see the implications soon and it won’t be nice. Sections like handball and futsal losing dominance.


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He doesn?t care at this point. Laporta?s No.1 focus is cutting cost and he is doing so across the board, both in the sporting and non-sporting areas of the club. We will see the implications soon and it won?t be nice. Sections like handball and futsal losing dominance.

We'll see.

Xavi Pascual won CL this year but he has bottled it in the past so when Laporta made a decision to replace him it was understandable. We'll surely miss Palmarsson but at the same time didn't even need him to win CL Final Four. Ali Zein could be a cheaper and solid replacement. And we've not really lost any other important player who couldn't be adequately replaced so far imo. I'm sure this team can win CL again next season as well as continue to be a dominant force in Spain where we haven't had a true rival for years.

Not following futsal team too much but from what I've read many fans were unhappy with Andreu Plaza so replacing him is also seemed like a good move. Jesus Velasco was successful with Inter Movistar in the past so we'll see how he'll do. Some changes in squad are also understandable, he'll bring two players who he has worked with before in Carlos Ortiz and Pito. I think we'll be fine as long as we keep Ferrao who was choosen as the best player in the world in 2019 and 2020.


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He was already considered a done deal since September last year but Barca have now finally confirmed the signing of Melvyn Richardson from Montpellier on a 4-year contract. He's a son of legendary French handball player Jackson Richardson. Very good signing imo.

Also, Tomas Svensson who was a GK in our Dream team will become the new goalkeeper and assistant coach.



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Very good team. Great mix between youth and experience. We have a top 3 player in the world in most positions. Could do with a better backup GK but we already have pre-agreed transfer of Emil Nielsen for 2022 so Maciel will be here just for a season.


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If there were ever a perfect season in any team sport to date last season probably was it. Winning every single trophy that the club competed for (6) while winning every single game in every competition is insanity regardless of the domestic competition as no other team had ever won all their games in the Champions League before.

Obviously this statistic could not go on as we lost by 1 goal to Veszpr?m in the CL. Curious to see how this season will unfold with all the new players, the veterans leaving and a new manager. Will mostly watch the final stages of the CL and a game here and there. IHF Super Globe started today which should be entertaining as usual with us being the favorites. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IHF_Super_Globe


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There have been rumors for several months. Now everything indicates that Hampus Wanne leaves Flensburg to join Barca from the upcoming season. Yesterday, ?handball.leaks? (Instagram) stated it. Today, @Aftonbladet does the same. Wanne has no comments.


MD also confirms he'll sign until 2025. https://www.mundodeportivo.com/balo...nne-llegara-barca-2022-firmara-tres-anos.html


Looks like a good signing.


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Barca lost 32-30 against Kielce last night in our 500th European game. This was our first loss in Palau Blaugrana since 2015 (after 45 wins and 1 draw).

Talant Dujshebaev's team was the last team that had beaten Bar?a on their talisman court, 31-33 on December 5, 2015, and has repeated victory tonight to finish with 31 consecutive wins for the Catalans in front of their audience. Some 2,500 spectators have gathered for Bar?a's 500th match in European competition, an absolute record.


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Well, this is a strange situation.

Still with David Barrufet as sports director, Bar?a renewed Gonzalo and Cindric in December last year until 2025, news that remained in limbo and now the club is studying how to make official

Officially, captain Gonzalo P?rez de Vargas and Croatian Luka Cindric have a handball contract with Bar?a until 2023, but in reality their relationship with the Bar?a club has already been signed until 2025. RAC1 revealed the news on Wednesday and Bar?a is studying now how to make good news official that, yes, is already a year old.


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33-29 win away against Flensburg in the first leg of CL quarterfinals. Second game will be played this Thursday.

In another good news, Dika Mem has renewed until 2027.


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Also won the second game against Flensburg and qualified for the Final Four.

PSG also bottling it in handball, things you like to see. :lol: Was a really close tie with Kiel in both games though.


Semi final draw will be on Tuesday.


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