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We are losing the keeper Gonzalo Perez de Vargas to Kiel after next season, allegedly because we didn't give him a pay raise. I understand we are making cuts in the sections but come on, for a Barça lifer like him to go strictly because of money is a shame. Bundesliga is the best league in the world but I wish him very little success with Kiel.

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Looks like Cindric is leaving.

Handball Barça and Luka Cindric live a few decisive hours to close an agreement for the termination of the contract of the Croatian center-back, one of the measures imposed by the club due to the economic cuts in the sections.
In a press conference after the Final Four in Cologne, the Barcelona handball coordinator, Joan Marín, calculated that the reduction would be around "10%" of the budget for this season, which he estimated at "about 7.5 million euros". , so that the expected savings in the handball section would be over 750,000 euros.

In this objective, the departure of Cindric, who has one of the highest chips in the squad, was one of the main actions planned to reduce the budget, but the Croatian central defender had a contract until 2025 and his desire was to continue at Barça. It was necessary to get down to work to reach an agreement.

The 'Cindric case' is to handball this summer what the 'Mirotic case' represents in basketball, still without an agreement because the Spanish-Montenegrin player also aspires to collect a large part of his two years pending contract, 22 million euros gross ( about 11 million net), figures that are obviously very far from the amounts of Cindric's contract, which is estimated at about 700,000 euros gross per season although there are no official figures.

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