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Well. Our futsal team hasn’t been that great this season, not in the league either.

Next season we go.


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Awful 2nd half. Just awful. Fell asleep and only woke up when the score was 4-2.

Sporting deserved the win. They were dominant for almost all the 2nd half, and weren't that bad in the firt as well.


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Another change...

The movements continue in the Palau Blaugrana. Days after it was known that Txus Lahoz will not continue as manager of the futsal section of FC Barcelona, ​​Andreu Plaza has received today the communication from the club that he will stop being the coach at the end of the season, according to Catalunya Radio. The club has made it official in a note assuring that it terminates the contract that in September 2019 it extended until 2022.

Javi Rodr?guez, today on the bench at Industrias Santa Coloma, is one of the top candidates to replace him. In fact, the myth of Bar?a futsal appeared in Laporta's candidacy in the 2015 elections. Rodr?guez did not close the door to a return to the Palau in recent statements.


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Jesus Velasco will be named as the new coach. He's a former Inter Movistar coach.

Maybe he can bring Ricardinho with him. :p


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We've qualified to the league final after beating Inter Movistar in quarter-finals (we've lost first game at home before winning the next two; away game was especially dramatic and decided through penalties) and Palma futsal in semi-finals.

Barca won away game 3-2 and then last night in Palau Blaugrana we went from being 0-2 down at HT to a 4-2 lead but let them equalize in last minutes. In the end we still managed to score two goals in extra time to not only qualify for La Liga final but also guarantee a spot in the CL next season.



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Title deciding game 3 of the league final against Levante will start in 20 minutes. It's on Barca TV if anyone would like to watch. :)


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