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10%. :facepalm:

Goldman Sachs now asks FC Barcelona for 10% interest. FC Barcelona and representatives of Goldman Sachs have met to clarify the interest in the financing of Espai Bar?a, which has increased due to the Negreira Case, the Uefa investigation and the volatility experienced by the financial markets. In this way, four days before the end of the term provided by the directive, the American bank does not see clear the loan of 1,500 million without a higher premium, according to Vozp?puli and Marca, so it requires 10% interest compared to 6% sought by the club.



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Nice if true.

Guess all the bad press around the club isn't turning big brands off the club like was suggested, if true.


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Barca have had bad press for years and still get the sponsors.

Also sponsors could provisions in for being excluded from European Competiton etc.

Ronaldo more or less admitted to rape and is most sponsored player on planet as still has the support.

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