FC Barcelona B


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4-3... if there's any team out there capable of losing a 3 goal lead with 5 mins to go, surely it's Barca B :lol:

..and holy shit, Cordoba hit the cross bar as I speak!


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Am I the only one who isn't impressed bu Muniesa ,I hope that is b/c he is just coming from a long term injury

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I leave with 3 min to go and they score and hit the crossbar? :lol:

Edit: thanks, was about to ask for highlights :)


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I watched the game on TV on Aljazeera but with english comments, you were unlucky that your streaming was in arabic, I personally can't stomach it.


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based on conceded goals, barca b is the worst team in the segunda division. :(

The offense is keeping this team afloat, they would have been relegated. sorry Muniesa,Serge Gomez, you guys will not even make it to the Mallorca team. The defense plays with no grit.I've seen Robert Costa and Bagnack of Juvenile A play with more determination than these guys.


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Muniesa only yesterday played his third match after coming back from a 7 month injury and is only 20, cut him some slack.

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