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I dont see FIFA stonewalling this, i just dont.
Would be nice if they proved me wrong though.

They essentially have killed the idea already. No player would be willing to participate in the Super League at the expense of the World Cup.

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Some leaks of new CL format coming out from various sources, not sure if they're all a bit different or all the same, and whether there's any credibility to it

CL would have 36 clubs from 2024, teams playing 10 games each in a mini-league format
new Europa Conference League set to launch below Europa League (basically what used to be Intertoto Cup)
teams could qualify for CL finishing below top4 in top5 leagues depending on their historical performance in Europe based on UEFA coefficient
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Well this would probably give more opportunity for big games as teams who perform well in European cups would be more likely to be part of the mini league regardless if they make top4 or not. The counterpoint is that big teams who might play both domestic comps and squeeze 10 games of the group stage in before ~March time might not be overjoyed by fixture density.


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These are the teams apparently. No Bayern or PSG...... yikes.

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