European Super League


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-The big clubs have already said 'yes' and some clubs were forced to say Yes due to financial Reason of the Pandemic like Barcelona and Dortmund

-Idea of 18 teams. They gave 6 Premier League Teams a place to joint them

-Euroleague / NBA format. The first 4 will play an exciting Play off in a big Event

-Start : September not before 2022

- JP Morgan, main investor. 6B a season

- Permission from FIFA , No from UEFA, Teams are prepared to leave the CL

-To ratify in the next Assembly and possibly Announcement this Year


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If it goes through, i guess this one and the next season are the last actual seasons left then? Better make them count


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Sounds like alot of fun but that would be a huge blow for domestic leagues. Wonder what Tebas has to say about that?



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So they want to end football for good. That was expected and pandemiapanic accelerated this. Kovid is more than just a respiratory virus, it affects mind.


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If wanna be creative, go for something like the NBA All-Star Game

could use a South vs North divide... would be entertaining to see how the top stars picked by fans could improvise and link-up together and who'd get MVP

to get variety with the respective coaches so that it's not always the same ones, could use the Riley Rule

Edit: or better yet, a lottery system. As in, let fans vote their favs and then have something like a live event draw pick the two teams using lottery drawing machines :thinking:
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