Ernesto Valverde


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"Telescope" lol

Guy who photographs as his passion says that :lol:

He really is an idiot. For a while thought it's just his looks but alas.

Weren't you the one calling him retardo for playing meh football but doing cartwheels everytime xavi grinds out a 1-0 win with 1 shot on target?


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Brutal loss for mister against Sevilla , who scored the winner by a penaldo in the 92'nd minute.

Athletic had 2 goals disallowed with VAR in the first half.


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Mister just finished on 8th spot , outside of any European competition.

Before this round , they lost at home vs last place Elche ( who was already relegated and had nothing to fight for ) . Those 3 points would have put them at 7th spot , in Conference league.

Massive choke but it is what it is.

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