Eric Garcia (loaned to Girona)


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He reminds me increasingly of Fernando Navarro when he was here, where he has some good traits but the whole package is lacking mainly for lack of the physical.

Another of this mold but a much lower level is Sergi Palencia who is now at LAFC I think.

As such, at the highest level you can see that he has to give 100% just to try and be competitive. Which obviously you can't keep at for 90 minutes of every game and will lead you to games and individual opponents like yesterday, who will burn you hard.

He's young now but not that young. I think In the long run he will be a decent/good LaLiga player but not at Barca, like Fontas and Bartra ended up. Perhaps his calling will be DMC or even RB. But not here and if here, certainly not next season or the one after.

Needs an exit, either permanent or temporarily.

Did start the season well, but again, your gonna burn out quick if you have to be at your peak in absolutely every second of every game.


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Played 10 games, guilty for 20 goals.

by far worst CB I have seen in Barca shirt.

Him and Torress are shambolic example that someone in club is nog doing his job.


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There will be cheapo suitors in Spain like Celta Vigo. Only question is how much his wages really are and whether they will be a hinderance.

Remember the stories that we renego the wage down from what was secured under the previous board.

According to Capology he is on more than double NET what the highest earner at Celta earns for example (now that Carles Perez is gone), and more than anyone at Villarreal.

So yeah problems unless Arteta thinks there is potential to unlock in him.


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Guy who came for nothing, plays little, never complains, is Catalan played solid when called upon too, probably on low wages.. That guy is somehow a problem. It's always the same story.

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