Eric Garcia (loaned to Girona)


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Club basically hoped they were repeating a Pique. Unfortunately they basically re-signed the Catalan Titus Bramble.


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My grandma would be a better defender than Garcia and she's bedridden
Agreed. Personally, I believe it'd be pretty difficult to nutmeg your granny. Plus she won't leave a dangling limb conceding silly penalties. Plus high potential young managers like Wayne Rooney would be pretty keen on her I believe.......


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Such a clown. Can't belive it that he played 10 ganes this season and he was guilty for like 15 goals and 5 penaties. Gets skimmed against any player.

Time to get rid of this idiot, we can't have him in team even to play against bottom of the league, he is just so bad, he is walking disaster, reminds me of legless Umtiti before Lecce.


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Just the things we all discussed in the past couple of years. Helpless against powerful, bulky players. He realized that himself, was about to cry after the third Valladolid goal. Barca DNA, loyalty... whatever. The club should get rid of mental wrecks. If he cannot handle the pressure of being criticized for poor form then I'm sorry but such display is not suitable for elite level of football. Right now where he is at is Barcelona B level.


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Genuinely can't think of a worse CB in the top 5 leagues. Help me, lads.

Can't think of a worse home grown Barca player since I have been watching football. How this guy became a first team City and Barca player is the biggest mystery of all time. We need to sell him this summer.

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