Eduardo Camavinga


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Point never really stood as never backed up who made said claims about the purported qualities
Keep trying to prove it though
Point never stood yet you spent countless of tiimes arguing it lol. ok.

But you're right on that neither you or Morten were madridistas I had in mind when I made original point.


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Silva had the most dribbles on the park after Vini and he isnt a player to go and front up a defender and take them on anyway more reactionary.

Camavinga was decent. Closed down Silva well and was good on ball at times as well as poor in some importamnt moments also.

Dont think he is a good a defender as made out and a 'proper' winger will give him problems.

Chelsea targetted him better than City did yesterday. Reece James was getting joy all game down right against him. Just couldnt finish their chances.

You need a Dembele-level of 'proper winger' to give him problems though


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He's very talented in technical and physical terms but in terms of understanding and reading of the game seems to be miles off it. Constantly making wrong choices, leaving open holes around him, getting pulled out of position etc.

The opposite of his midfield counterpart Tchouameni, who despite being much more mature and aware hasn't been given a look over the finished midfield duo.


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Downgraded to left footed Kounde. Future might end up being as a CB

The new Yerry Mina basically. I hope he can dance.


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[Jose Luis Sanchez] France NT medical team have made a second examination on Camavinga's knee and decided that he should go back to Madrid and he will get an MRI done tomorrow. There are worries.

El Gato

Out for 8-10 weeks minimum with a ligament tear. So probably back to useful state only around mid Feb


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