Eder Militao


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Where are my posts going back as far as 2020/2021 season shitting on him?

Overrated. His ex-GFs are hot though.


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Reading madridistas blame Ancelotti for not starting Rudiger since he did so well. Same madridistas that before repeatedly claim Militao is best CB at moment and get set off at any form of criticism directed at him.



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You do realise he could have started both?
My point is had he done it then you would hear the excuse that Militao should always start if available as he is BeSt Cb In ThE wOrLd.

Tbf can't be too harsh on Rael's back 4 when face a team like this. Also lack of support from rest of team. My mature side is even leaving Camavinga alone for this one.

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Nope we wouldn't
And he is a great player no doubt
No surprise he was always going to start considering he started for 1.5 a season every game

He and Rudi should be pairing going forward but Carlo is obsessed with having Alaba central on the ball


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Anyone following his private life "drama"? :lol:

A few days ago his ex GF Karoline Lima posted this on Ig after he posted a pic of him kissing his new GF Cassia Lourenco.

On a day of Militao's daughter (1st) birthday party Cassia posted this on Ig.

Earlier this Monday afternoon, Cassia's name was also widely mentioned on social media after a post she made on Instagram. At the beauty salon, she posted a photo with a filter with blood on her face and wrote "makeup for today" in the caption of the post. Netizens saw the publication of the blonde as a hint, since the birthday of the player's daughter will be the stage of the first meeting of the current one with Militão's ex.


Then she came to a party dressed inappropriately and had to leave soon after an argument with people there. Her friend also caused some problems pushing people and throwing candies at Karoline. :lol:

However, some confusion happened at the party, which were reported by the Gossip do Dia profile. One of them is that Cássia Lourenço, the current girlfriend of the Real Madrid player, who even chose a provocative look for the celebration, left the party early and with a frown.

A short time later, a friend of hers, who would have stayed at the place, was also the focus of confusion on her birthday, according to the profile. First, this woman pushed Priscila Souza, Karoline's best friend, but who didn't care so much, avoiding something bigger.

After that, a candy flew at the celebration and ended up hitting Karoline Lima, which caused her expulsion from the site.

If Eder is smart (he isn't) he would have already dumped this childish stupid girl, lol.

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