Eder Militao

El Gato

Bit better today, but his unnecessary risk taking is bone chilling. So far all he's got is pace and shithousing, but with some continuity he may be a solid transition starter. Not sure how soon he'll get that TBH


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He was highly rated a couple of years ago at Porto.

Zidane doesn't seem to rate him though and only made like 25 appearances so far in his career at Real in two years and he cost around 50 Million euros.

El Gato

Whether Zidane rates him or not doesn't make a difference considering how poor the direction was. He usually is the better than Varane when playing next to him


idk, i thought that was a fishy red card. very similar to the red card Ramos got in that clasico that ended 3-4 some years ago (ramos fouling neymar). seems soft to me


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I honestly expected a terrible week when both Varane and Ramos couldnt play, not helped by the fact that Militao hadn't exactly been convincing up to this point, but he really stepped up to the task.

I have underestimated him.

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