Copa Final 2016: Barca - Sevilla 2-0(ET)

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Congratz everyone !!!!! :xavi:

Oh boy what an intense and draining match there!

We all had moments of true darkness there, 1 man down Messi head injury then Suarez asks for a sub and looks badly injured......

But these heroes have turned it around!! This squad is just brilliant!

I just voted in MOTM thread but wholy crap, WHO DIDNT PLAY GREAT? Heck even Masches red card was brilliant and worth it.

Iniesta was something out of a fairytale, such class.... this is what idiots who judge players by stats should watch!

Pique was flawless...tank! so was everyone else.... Messi's passes pretty much destroyed Sevilla tonight, 1 pass for Neymars 1on 1 that got the red, then 2 insane assists...

Busquets, Alves, Alba, TS..... GRACIAS EQUIPO.


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It was uphill from the start with that red card + ref who didn't want to give yellows. But in the end this team turned it around - that shows teamspirit and cojones.
Can't stop winning, just incredible!!



What a game. Over one hour with one man down, still managed to turn it around.



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Drained! This reminded me of the Copa Final vs Real when it was Pep vs Mou. The one we lost to a Ronaldo header in extra time except the opposite outcome!

What a match! What a draining year. Next year let's get the CL back!

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Best game of the season I think, showed some proper determination after the red card.Even after we lost Suarez they kept going and wouldn't give up.


What a fucking game! What an amazing team!

Tonight the team showed the spirit of true champions. Cannot be prouder of them. What a feat!

To endure for so long playing with a man down under such pressure, took not only skill but an incredible mentality.

These are the sweetest kind of victories imo.

Visca el Barça! I love you!


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Team really showed their class and spirit tonight. La Masia boys Iniesta, Pique and Messi stood out.

Well done Barca and thank you for these moments.




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the ghost of Atletico trapped our soul when Maschrano got sent off lmao .. this is how you end a season !!!

now if Atletico wins the title that would be a treble kind off feeling to me
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