CL Round of 16: Napoli - Barca 1-1


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There are far too many people here masquerading as Barca fans hoping the team gets humiliated or making out the team is robbing opponents , ( even though the penalty and retake at the weekend was clear as day. ), or just flat out venting their anger and frustrations when Barca win.

Xavi is going at the end of the season anyway so what's the point of hoping for a humiliation? As you rightly say the money which contributes to every win is vital for next season.

Moderation needs to keep a closer eye on these 'fans'.
This, I'm not going to name names but it's not just the trolls - who predictably take every chance to mock Xavi, Barca, and co. I'm not saying the club isn't badly managed at the moment, but quadrupling down on the trolling every post is what the trolls do. And lately, they've had a good bit of support from some "Barca fans" too.


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Reminder that with Atleti defeat yesterday, a win tonight and we are almost guaranteed sneaking into the financial windfall of the WCC.


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