CL: Round 1: FC Barcelona - Viktoria Plzen 5-1


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What a great team. The bums of this half were Alba and Fati but other than that amazing performance from everybody


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Love the determination from the players, never thought I'd see Dembele make a beast tackle like that!!


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Their tactics are clear, run away and score. Sometimes they succeed. Well, our guys relaxed, and this is the Champions League. Bayern will be different.


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Nice intensity and some truly great stuff. Love that we can score with other outlets like Koundes header passing to Kessies header goal, not only the usual stuff and Demb+Lewy=Love. On the other hand lots of dumb mistakes that lead to trouble, although i'm sure there will be much more considered setup against likes of Bayern. Currently our CBs are the main playmakers lmao.

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