CL: Round 1: FC Barcelona - Viktoria Plzen 5-1


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No complacency. Want to see likes of Alba, Kessie and Ansu fired up if they want to grab a starting spot in the future. Frenkie big responsibility as well.


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Maybe Tottenham should not rank that high.

It's just what BetMGM says.

I'm actually at the MGM in Vegas rn. I am tempted to put 50 bucks on Barca just for kicks. But I have no idea how sports betting works and how I'd get my money if they won? lol


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Game isn’t on the main tv channel on Bt Sports in the Uk. It’s on the red button and the quality is shite.

If anyone has a good stream, please share. BT Sports app freezes every 2 minutes. Thanks!


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Let?s see how we PLAY without Busquets !

How we PLAY is as important as the result to some Barca fans !

You must all be celebrating :)


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3 minutes in .. Kessie went deep to recent the ball and played a really poor pass back towards Christensen which nearly went out of play !!

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