CL | Quarter Final - 1st leg: Juventus - FC Barcelona 3-0



I hope alaves win the cdr, so there's absolutely no chance for unzue to be the coach.


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I hope alaves win the cdr, so there's absolutely no chance for unzue to be the coach.

We really need some new blood. New system, new coach. Someone who can put some emotion into game again. Look at this team vs Juventus. It was clear the way they started the game Juventus wanted to win 100 times more than Barcelona. We looked sloppy the whole first half. There's just no drive in this team right now. No team play either. We are not team, we are just bunch of talented individuals. Whenever Juventus blocked a kick, goalkeeper made a save, they were high-fiving each other. They are team, we never do that. Individuals, that's what we are.

Someone needs to unite this team again.

At least we have the Copa. No treble for Madrid. :D

We are turning into Real Madrid.. Oh god.

Well there you have it.

Over the course of 4 days we crashed and burned out of La Liga and the Cl.

Over the course of 4 days Real have one hand on the La Liga trophy and one foot in the semi-final of the Cl.

Football has been miserable for a whole entire year now.

This team had it's moments and for some time (after PSG win), It looked like maybe they finally figured it out and started playing like they are capable of, but no. Juventus game showed our weakenesses again and they destroyed us. It's been huge roller coaster season, mostly I remember the failures this season, though and like Pique said, nobody cares about 6-1 comeback, If they drop out from CL this way now..


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I'm still hopeful because our record at home in UCL this season is remarkable. We have managed to score atleast 4 goals in every game..

7-0 against Celtic
4-0 against Man City
4-0 against Borussia Monchengladbach
6-1 against PSG

We are a different beast at home.. Recent example is Sevilla.. We absolutely trashed them.. With some luck in our favor, we can beat Juventus..

I also believe. But we need a great performance and a bit of luck.


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The mood in the camp is pretty shitty; I can see us getting beaten at home too, considering we will be even more open at home.


I think we need to play 3-5-2 again.. This means Neymar will be 1 on 1, he will cross and we need numbers on the box. Please don't play Mathieu btw


what makes me optimistic for the return leg is, that we created almost more chances from open play against juve in one match than we did against paris in two.
and of course the return of busquets.


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i have flashbacks of the semi finals when they have knocked us down in new camp
the first 15 minutes are crucial. most opponents are intimidated by the stadium, if we do not score by then im afraid the task wil be impossible

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