CL | Quarter Final - 1st leg: Juventus - FC Barcelona 3-0


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FC Barcelona drew Juventus in today's draw of Champions League quarter Final.

Juventus - Barcelona
Bayern - Real Madrid
Atlético Madrid - Leicester
Borussia Dortmund - Monaco



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fantastic draw, finally some real matches, and also some new ones, was afraid that we'd get Atletico again. Glad we avoided them and Bayern, would've been happy with any other team. 4 best teams for me against each other, so 2 of them will go out in the quarters, very exciting. Hoping that they aren't on the same night though. Although Dortmund-Monaco is surely gonna be a goal spectacle and definitely worth watching as well. As for us personally, glad we're playing the 2nd leg at home again! Kinda wanted Dortmund for the spectacle though...oh well, maybe in the semifinals. :cheers:

At least Bonucci got his wish though. :p Very interested to see how Dybala is gonna do against us, since he wasn't there yet in the 2015 final.
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Juventus is not a bad draw. Their slowish style of football suit us.
They could have an extra motive for 2015 though so expect them to be up for it.

Second leg at hime is definitely an advantage but yeah, well need a good result from Italy as I don't expect them to crumble like PSG.


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Horror draw for Real and Bayern.

Not been too impressed with Juve and would have rathered them than Atletico, Bayern or Real.

Like the Atletico v Leicester tie as well. Chance for La Liga revenge!


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It will be difficult, they have great defense and Serie A is already over so they can totally focus on these games. First game is more important than second leg. Anyway better than Bayern, Real, Atletico so i'm fine.

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