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Can't wait until everything is done. Very much looking forward to stepping foot in to what I'm hoping will be an incredible atmosphere.

I do wonder how easy/hard it will be to get tickets when it's done. I'm sure a lot of people will be fighting for seats, at least for the first few home games.


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Stadium looked old and very tired. Should be more appealing when the renovations are finished. Too bad they can't make a new stadium from scratch.


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The 24/7 live stream to watch the progress of the work on Nou Camp Nou is quite nice.

Also I love the new logo of the Espai Barça project they created, with the letter EB in the shape of our crest. Very clever design. The Barça crest is really the most beautiful crest, the silhouette is uniquely Barça and instantly recognizable.



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Work on the Spotify Camp Nou is going to schedule for FC Barcelona, with the Stadium set to be officially completed in 2026. There are precisely 1000 days to go until the new home for all things FC Barcelona comes to fruition, when every member and fan will be able to enjoy the improvements and new developments at the refurbished facilities. They will find an open, Mediterranean stadium with an egalitarian approach that is set to become a benchmark for technology and sustainability, keeping FC Barcelona at the forefront of world sport.

The third tier is scheduled to be fully removed within 116 days' time, giving way to excavations around the second tier, before work starts on building the foundations for the new third tier. The all important return from the Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium is scheduled for 514 days' time, coinciding with the Club's 125th anniversary on November 29, 2024.


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All that time and money wasted and for what? A lick of paint and 5,000 measly extra seats, which they will hardly ever fill.

The state of the Nou Camp hardly stopped people coming to games this year either did it. Highest average attendances in Europe.

Is this all worth it? The hundreds of millions spent when we can't find 10m for Real Vallidolid's reserve right back. Pfft, not for me.


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Long term it will generate more revenues, as is the case with all redeveloped stadiums, but as with all redevelopments it hits you in the pocket during the process as it relates to squad building.

This should have been done years & years ago from the first foster design.

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