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Number 7 is Theo Chendri

Thanks a lot. He appears to be pretty good player, always looking for the ball and always trying to attack opposition with ball.

For Barca-

Who is Number 8

Who is Number 10

For AC Milan-

Did that Mastour kid play?

Number 8 is Ayoub Abou Oulam
Number 10 looks like Paik Seungho.

Mastour plays with Milan's U16 team. No idea did he play here or not. I often sit in one of the AC Milan fan pages in social networks, those fans are going crazy about him. What's funny that they always claim "I've never seen better 15 years old player" as if they were watching all football legends play at the age 15.


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When is it going to be decided ? And is it going to be individual decisions or one for all players that is being looked at ?

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I've no clue. Ayoub can play though as he's been in Barca for ages so isn't included in the ban. What I meant was that they will turn 16 next year... and we all know what that means.


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Is it already official that the Spanish law will be changed?

Read something that they want to change it in 2014, to give clubs the ability to offer youth players a professional contract once they turn 14(!). That would help us a lot as you see which number of talented players left us already.

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Don't think it's official, just that they want to change it.

Anyway, further information on players leaving:

For those of you that know Spanish here's a short interview with Josimar where he admits to joining Chelsea in the summer. He also says that he'd only play for Ecuador's NT and that he doesn't speak English and that his parents will stay in Barcelona.

Also it seems like Canós has signed for Liverpool, maybe he was just holding out for more money.

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yeah it seems like it is, Barca aren't playing him anymore.

In related news the team recently won the league


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F*ck all these English clubs and especially the Spanish law. Unfair competition at this point.

Keep away from our youngster. I warn you, keep away from Ayoub.
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