Who will win the Bundesliga this season?

  • Borussia Dortmund

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  • Stuttgart

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Its easy to see how Lewandowski scored so many goals here.

Kane is pissing it and its his first time ever being in a new country.


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Leverkusen will push hard for the title this season.
Bayern Leverkusen and Leipzig are the best teams by large distance from the ones coming after

Now about anyone taking the league from Bayern, it will be hard. It's a mentality thing as well
We saw what happened last season where Bayern handed the league to Dortmund at least 3-4 times at the end of the season, and they didn't snatch it.


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Dortmund first in Bundesliga although they had stupid draws like against Heidenheim and Bochum. But i doubt they will have a chance against Leverkusen or Bayern, theyre way weaker than last season.


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Bayern Darmstadt half time: 0-0

Bayern Darmstadt full time: 8-0

Kane hattrick, also a goal from 50m! This guy has been unbelievable this season and should have left Spurs way earlier. Crazy tough that Spurs doesnt miss him this season...

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