Who will win the Bundesliga this season?

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Ryu Hayabusa

To our Bayern supporters. Im the only thinking that shaquiri has no future @ Bayern?

He looks like he's trying but incapable. Given his own aspirations, I don't believe he (has delievered) delivers as much as would be necessary for him to get dat starter spot.

Ryu Hayabusa

Would be absolutely terrible. I hope it's not true.


Martinez is one of my favorite players and looked like he had finally found a position in Pep's system (central CB in that 3 CB line-up).


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Neuer is such a beast. Blocked two in a row just now.

Two shots that were straight at him. BVB's placement has been poor.

who is playing DM for Bayern because BVB mids are having a field day going through the middle like no one is there. Also Papadopalous completely dominated Lewa


Missed the first half. How is Ciro? :p

If he didn't clear out the Bayern fk, I wouldn't know he's playing.


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Bayern extremely poor in possession in their own half look a little less than a poor man's Barcelona

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