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Diaw ain't that bad is he? Except that he is French.


Considering how lanky his build is, that's damn impressive.

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You'd expect constant cheers during the 2014 draft night for Adam Silver :lol:

Donnie Nelson through a press release:
“We are excited to bring Eddy Curry to Dallas. He has worked extremely hard this offseason and can provide our front line with much needed depth.”

Seriously Mavs?


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He's 29 though isn't he.
Harden seems to be a steal imo,a 23 year old all star SG for 29 year old Kevin Martin.James Harden is as good as Martin and is yet to hit his prime.


We'll get to see how Harden reacts to being the main focal point of the offense in Houston. They definitely won by getting rid of Kevin Martin, who in my opinion is all offensive stats because they can't play any defense. Martin is one of the worst defenders in the league but OKC does have Ibaka in the middle to greet whoever breezes past Martin.

I think the 1st Round drafts picks were the most enticing part of the deal for OKC. I think only one of them is Top-4 protected, one Top-2 protected, and one Top-1 protected. In the long termthey may win the deal but in the short-tem they absolutely lost. Laker Nation has to be smiling over the news of this deal.

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