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Great achievement!

I think Doncic has the potential to break the all-time points record. He hit the pedal the same age as LeBron. The only issue might be Luka's physical shape later in his career. He looks like a McDonald's customer compared to LeBron at age 39.

As much as I love Doncic's game, I don't see it. The longetivity of athletes like Lebron, Messi, Djokovic, Nadal, and CR7 is highly highly underestimated. They are BEASTS.


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Jimmy Butler just went nuclear and the Heat lead the Bucks 3-1. Going to take a miracle for the Bucks to make a comeback in this series.


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Curry with the shot.


Would be great if the sun's & warriors made the Western conference final, so the warriors can clown KD.

But it won't get that far, Denver will beat the sun's.

Clippers would have gotten the job done were it not for injures... My bad I forgot this is barcaforum, clippers were just shit.

Denver Vs warriors
Heat vs Celtics

Will be the conference finals.


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San Antonio Spurs with the no.1 pick in the draft. By far the best outcome for Victor Wembanyama's early career in NBA.

Right now watching El Clasico in the final four of the Euroleague. Real Madrid with better start.:attachment:


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Lebron is hinting he is considering retirement 🤔

Might be PR move, but it is 1st time he is talking about it this way.

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