Bartomeu arrested


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We free.




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Precisely. Problem was not helped by Grupo Godo propaganda arm protecting what Barto & Rosell did so while democratic in principle, less so in practice. As the saying goes, it always boils down to a story about money and in the case of Barca, they are the highest revenue earners - meaning a lot of money

Must be transparency, oversight and consequences for impropriety - we have seen clearly that when so much money is involved it attracts those who look to help themselves rather than the club which makes the choice in this election crystal clear. Only one candidate has led the club through its most prestigious era of our history - sporting wise and in terms of conduct

Are you saying previous club presidents, veeps and high level officers have made a lot of money from the positions they had with the club? How? Any detailed information on this? I thought they were not making much from their salaries and they were forbidden to take money from club coffer for their personal use?


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Please explain how it is racism? I'm guessing PSG and Chelsea are racist clubs?

He meant it's somewhat racist to imply that simply being Catalan is going to make someone more or less likely to be corrupt.

It's more of a PG-13 racism. :lol:

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