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Macedonian media reporting Dimitrievski is a done deal. Probably BS as nothing about this in Spanish media lately but we'll see. Could be an option if Neto leaves.

Stole Dimitrievski was not present at yesterday's match for Rayo Vallecano against Betis. Rayo's coach explained that Stole was injured, but despite the minor injury, one of the reasons is that these days he completes the transfer of his career! THE TEAM finds out that it is only a matter of time before his departure from Rayo and the transfer to the great Barcelona. There is already an agreement, Rayo's leaders have agreed on all the details, and now only signature and promotion remain. According to the information, Dimitrievski has already said goodbye to his teammates, and now the transfer of dreams is certain.


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Ah so Haaland maybe possibly after all !!

The striker has a reported transfer release clause in his contract of ?68million that becomes active in this summer.

Dortmund will be powerless to stop him leaving if, and when, a team decides to meet that figure.


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Good to get a cheap and experienced backup GK. Always safer to throw on somebody who has played +100 games instead of a young boy in case of an emergency.

Downside is we're still stuck with ter Stegen and he'll be even more certain that he's the undisputed starter.

Better to loan out somebody like Tenas for him to get regular playing time in La Liga, if any team deems him that good.


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Rumours that Oscar wants to join us on a contract similar to Alves. No thanks.

His numbers are understandably incredible in China. On an Alves type low wage, I would take him until the end of the season, and go from there.

Have him as a bench option to add creativity to the attack when needed. An upgraded Puig role, and send the cocktail sausage on loan.


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Whoever is working hard concerning Barca transfers: Coutinho , Blanco, Ferran Torres and the Umtiti deal.

Included should be Emerson Royal. 3 games for Barca 25.8 m GBP. profit.

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