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This is not entirely true, as long as the club has existed there has always been a debate about how Barcelona should play, managers in the past have been sacked for playing unattractive football. The prime example would be Helenio Herrera who until Pep Guardiola appeard had the best stats of any manager in the history of the club, he was heavily criticised for playing booring even though Barsa won 2 leagues, ahead of the best Real Madrid that has ever existed. Another example would be Bobby Robson who was heavily criticised for playing booring football, in fact he himself said it was at times insane refering to an episode when they won 6-1 away and the headline in the newspaper the next day was FC Barcelona won 6-1 without playing football.

That’s my stance on things .. I’ve lived through decades of good times ( and bad ) and now I just want to see Barca return to playing football the others just dream about .. again .

Valverde isn’t able to give us that so I’d replace him with someone who can .. Klopp isn’t gonna leave THAT Liverpool group of players so it means someone else . I’d try the Ajax coach , along with FDJ and De Ligt .

Throw in Messi , Dembele , Arthur, Matts and we’ve could start a whole new era of phantasy..

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Imo, fans are spoiled today.
They wine how EV's team plays boring, fan's favorite Malcom is not playing enough and another favorite, Arthur, gets subbed in the 60th minute.

First world problems...

Imagine being a fan in 90s and pre-Pep:
1995: La Liga: Real
1996: Atletico
1997: Real
1998: Barca, Van Gaal
1999: Barca, Van Gaal
2000: Deportivo
2001: Real
2002: Valencia
2003: Real
2004: Valencia

Then, imagine 2004/05 Season:
1. Barca hasn't won La Liga for 5 years
2. Barca hasn't won a CL for 13 years
3. In the last 5 years since Barca won the last title:
Real won 3 CLs and 2 La Ligas
Valencia won 2 La Ligas and played 2 CL finals
Deportivo won 1 La Liga

Barca finished 2nd, 4th, 4th, 6th and 2nd in those 5 years and without any Champions league success.
Do you think that anyone back then cared about not too much off the ball movement, Malcom riding the bench and Arthur being subbed in the 60th minute?

To some extent, to me it is a no wonder that majority of guys who followed Barca back then are not mad at Valverde currently.
Joan, Messi983, Khaled, TrickyKid, me and other EV's defenders are all older fans.
There are some older fans who hate EV, but imo, my estimation, 90% of younger fans who started follow Barca since Messi or since Pep=are somewhat spoiled and angry.
While among older guys who were fans during misery days of 90s and early 00s, EV's era is a huge success, inspite of a defensive football, Malcom and Arthur 😉

Fans are spoiled because they are angry at EV for bottling a 3 goal lead 2 times in a row?


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What the fuck is our medical team doing?

Fucking hell... Are they Valverde's bitches? They did not order Umtiti to get the surgery. They let Valverde play Dembele vs Lyon, despite it was almost for certain that he will get injured. They let Suarez play THE WHOLE SEASON with an injury.

WTF is going on?


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What the fuck is our medical team doing?

Fucking hell... Are they Valverde's bitches? They did not order Umtiti to get the surgery. They let Valverde play Dembele vs Lyon, despite it was almost for certain that he will get injured. They let Suarez play THE WHOLE SEASON with an injury.

WTF is going on?

Good questions. To bad we will never know the answers.


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Two years in a row, we can't even reach the Champions League final. That is not acceptable for a team like Barcelona. I don't care about winning La Liga or Copa del Rey. The opponents in Spain are not at Barca's level, that is why, it is easy to win there. What it count most is EUROPE. Bartomeu and the rest of the management have a lots of work to do this off-season to straighten this team and make it contender for the CL title.Here are some of my ideas about that.
First of all, lets start with the starters. Honest to God, I hate to watch Pique's play these days.He is leaving his spot way to often and goes to... score! On a corner kicks it is understandable, but the other times, he has no business in the opponents penalty area.He is also making capital mistakes, which often result in goals for the opponents. That is why, it is time for him to sit on the bench. I would like to see as a central defenders - Lenglet and De Ligt, with Todibo backing either one. S.Busquets is also far from his best days. The 19 y.o. Ludovik Reis from Groningen may be the perfect defensive midfielder we need. Ivan Rakitic has to leave after the last game. His play does not suit well with Barca's playing style. We also need a solid right back, who can attack , same as J.Alba. So much for the defense. After the departure of Xavi and Iniesta, we don't have a play-maker, who can constantly create situations for goal. That is why, it is my own idea to take Messi for that role. His vision of the game and excellent passing skills will be beneficial for the entire team. Messi has to play as a attacking midfielder, in the center, just behind our two forwards with Arthur from his right and the new team-mate, Frankie De Jong, from the left. And the last zone, our attack, needs some help as well. When Messi does not play, Luis Suarez is very effective. When they are both on the field, Suarez is invisible for the most of the games. And I hate to watch his primma-donna style, when he is throwing himself on the grass to gain a penalty or free kick. More and more, he is becoming a clown like Neymar in that regard. Barca needs young and fast central forward, who can be paired with Dembele. Some intriguing names are, Luuk de Jong from PSV (31 games - 28 goals ) , Nicolas Pepe from Lille, France ( 36 games - 20 goals ) and Sam Lammers from PSV ( 32 games - 19 goals ).
Cilessen, J.Murillo, S.Umtiti, Th.Vermaelen, K.P. Boateng, Rafinha, Rakitic, Vidal, Malcolm and Coutinho are the players who has to leave and close the door behind them. They are not bad players. They can find new teams and continue their career elsewhere. And Barca can get some cash in return or trade some of them for new players.


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Hello fellow Barca Fans.
I would like to bring up some very interesting stats regarding the media news that French Forward Antoine Griezmann is very close to sign a deal with Barcelona. Lets take a close look together.

ANTOINE GRIEZMANN (28) - Atletico Madrid, 1.76 m. tall, left foot
Current Market Value - 150 mil . euros
Contract until - June 30, 2023 ( which means, Barca has to pay transfer fee of minimum 150 mil euros )
For 2018/19 season in La Liga, he has 36 appearances and 15 goals
For the French National Team - 69 appearances and 28 goals.

Now. Lets compare this guy with two Datch forwards, just to show how stupid sound this idea of Bartomeu to bring Griezmann to Camp Nou.

Luuk de Jong ( 28 ) 1.88 m tall, right foot. - PSV Eindhoven - Central forward
Current Market Value - 10 mil. euros
Contract until - June 30,2021 ( Yes. We need to pay a transfer fee to PSV, but where is 150 million, where is just 10 million for De Jong! )
In the Eredivise he has 33 appearances and 28 goals
For the Netherlands National Team - 18 appearances and 4 goals

Sam Lammers ( 22 ) 1.89 m tall. - Central forward (SC Heerenveen) Nethrlands on loan from PSV Eindhoven
Plays equally well with both foot
Current Market Value - 6 mil euros
Contract until June 30, 2019. He is free agent this summer and we can get him without any transfer fee.
In Eredivise he has 32 appearances with 19 goals and 5 assists.

If I do the selection of the blaugranas, I will forget about Griezmann and will sign both of this Datch strikers to streighten our weak attacking line. I will move Luis Suarez to the bench and have a attacking line of O.Dembele as a left wing, Sam Lammers at the center of the attack and Luuk de Jong at the right wing. Then, I will line behind them Messi, Arthur and Frankie de Jong. The defense line will be, from left to right - Ricardo Pereira (Porto) Matthijs De Ligt (Ajax) - C.Lenglet - J.Alba. Ter Stegen is of course our solid goalie. Go Barca.


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Why won’t fans in the camp nou raise the white flag for this clown? He is producing ugly football. This fucker was playing with a 442 formation last year and we had a starting player called Paulinho!


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Disappointed with Barca legends and their lack of criticism of the current affairs. Xavi and co have surely been watching the shit football Barca produced in last two years and yet no comments.

I never believed I would say this but if I was in charge I'd let Messi go as well as clearly he is the one who decides.

Would be more excited for next season if we played kids and started building something new on healthy foundations and playing the Barca way.

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