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Unreal stuff. Ffs. Our popularity has gone through the roof.

(I'm pretty sure they're wrong, but won't ruin the party)


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Teams from Africa (except from North Africa), usually aren't that good in tactics and I guess that you can't change/improve those players too much for a top European level, except for some rare exceptions.

Teams and players are far behind world class European level in terms of tactics, movement, positioning, discipline.

Regarding Europe, all teams have scouts in Europe and it is hard to find a cheap, hidden gem.

So, African players usually have some tactical problems.
Asian players are rarely on a World class level for Europe.
European kids are scouted by everyone.
And all that is left in terms of cheaper gems is South America, especially Brasil, Argentina, Uruguay who have good football schools, good talents, they are tactically good.

Further, after Mina and Marlon, it was easy to predict that we will repeat that recipe with buying good, young Cbs in every season and:
1. Either keep them, if they are world class
2. Or resell them to EPL rich teams

I hope that my post doesn't sound racist...

And to [MENTION=19222]xXKonan[/MENTION] I think this is better place for replying on Ronald Araújo thread

I understand that SA players are bigger talents and we have connections, langauage etc. But they are almost the only source o players in Liga that are considered Foreigners and it isn't wise to keep loading the team with them.
As for resale, we can't resale player to rich EPL club if he isn't playing with his NT, we lost a better deal for Marlon because of it (from West Ham)


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Let's see who will have the last laugh.

I am not saying we will get the players we want but come on, Ajax? They can put on all sorts of acts of bravado but at the end of the day they are still a selling club. They can't retain their players.


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They can't retain them forever, that is true, but there are other clubs, not only Barça, that are interested in their gems.

Yes, the point is they can snub us but they can't snub everyone. Eventually they will have to sell their best players to other clubs as they can't retain them.

So in the end the joke is on Overmars and Ajax.

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