Barca and Spotify sign stadium and shirt deal


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Joint statement by Compromisaris FCB, Dignitat Blaugrana, El Senyor Ramon, Noies Twitter Bar?a, Monitoring FCB, Transparency Blaugrana and A Brave Scream on the ratification of the Spotify deal:

"The opinion groups undersigned want to express our satisfaction on the occasion of the ratification by the Bar?a Assembly of Commitments of the sponsorship agreement signed by the Club with the multimedia services company "Spotify". We believe that, beyond the economic considerations, the link with a prestigious and modern brand that connects through music with millions of people also favors the Club collaterally, and may, however, serve to connect various communities. We also value as a positive the hybrid model (face-to-face and digital) of holding the Assembly, as a starting point towards a model that challenges all members and establishes more debate mechanisms.

Likewise, we also want to state that, for some time now, we have detected a trend within the Club that translates into the progressive loss of rights granted to members. Among others, the right to obtain all the information regarding the agreements that are submitted to consideration of the Assembly and/or the partners, or the right to control the management of those and those that govern us, a trend that we currently attribute to the difficult economic and patrimonial moment in which the entity is located. Trend, however, that it would be convenient and necessary to straighten and invest, with the aim of making our Club, also, an example of Social and Democratic Club

Very well said. :thumbsup:


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the owner of spotify wanted to buy arsenal but looks like he may have put some money into barca budget. change it to sportify.


Will Spotify pays us couple of hundred million if we change our name to FC Spotify Francelona ???

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