Barca and Spotify sign stadium and shirt deal


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It's just been confirmed.
Spotify is our new main sponsor.


In a much-needed infusion of capital into one of the world?s most valuable and popular clubs, FC Barcelona and Spotify announced a long-rumored kit and stadium sponsorship deal, the companies announced Tuesday. The three-year deal is worth a reported $306 million.

Bar?a?s iconic stadium will now rebranded as Spotify Camp Nou as of July as the club?s main partner and official audio partner, and Spotify will be on the front of the team?s uniforms for both the men?s and women?s teams for the next four seasons.

A vote by the club?s Extraordinary Delegate Members Assembly is expected to make the partnership official on April 3.


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Shirt and training tops is said to be 60m when in past they were getting around 74m but that included the sleeve sponsor so not sure if that is still to come or not.

Considering where Barca are at moment and negativity that has been around club with this only being 3 year deal in case of training kits etc not sure how much more could get.


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Hope the deal have exit clauses where they can reneg on the deal in a couple of years when our situation is better.


the reason i ask is because some outlets estimate that which ever club signs haaland is effectively parting with 300-350m over a 5 year period

and thats just for one player (albeit one of the most hyped ones)

thats why the 306m figure sounds rather small...


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is 306m a lot? somehow doesnt sound like it...

If it would be 306m per season as mentioned in OP would be the best deal in history of sport. :D

306m for 4 years though, not so much. Not terrible but think we could probably get more having multiple different sponsors (shirt, training kits, stadium rights) but now it is what it is. Any money the club gets in these times is a good news and hopefully we'll use it smart.


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The weird thing about this deal is while Spotify's sponsorship for the front of the men's and women's jersey and also the Camp Nou title rights (I think) is for 4 years, while the deal for sponsoring the training kit is only for 3 years. What's up with that? Do we try to extend it after 3 years with Spotify or find a separate training kit sponsor?


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Barcelona's agreement with Spotify will turn the shirt "into a space that can pay tribute to different artists from all over the world".

The Weeknd, Shakira, Justin Bieber, Sebasti?n Yatra, Ludmilla, Darshan Raval, Jonita Gandhi and many more, even BTS.



Can't wait to buy my XO Barca shirt. Genius marketing ploy. :wow:

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