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Was very impressive tonight but I can't remember him making one forward line breaking pass. Hopefully one or two next game and build on that

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Great game
He has actually ran the most per minute played of all players
132 meters compared to second best Alba at 121

Arthur 94 minutes 12489 m
Alba 180 minutes 21794 m

It's a little misleading since players usually run more/minute when they play less but he has shown good movement so far.


He had a sequence where Totenham fans were amused/applauding(?) him. ANyone got that play? I was mad they didn't replay it


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Good game for him.
He is natural in controlling the ball and shielding it under pressure, smooth short passing and ability to get out of tough situations and great first tough.
His defense is also good.

That said, there is areas he need to improve and build on from what he offers now.
-His defense need a bit improvement, he lacks the physicality of Raki and Buquets (both have much longer legs which help them) so he will need to work a bit harder. I think this will come to him easily by time with adaptation to the level he is playing and getting some muscles.
-He need an offensive game, he doesn't have one at the moment tbh, his best pass was to Alba and it got cut out, whether he develop a pin point passing and vision like Xavi/Kroos or add some shooting, good movement in final third like Rakitic will be ok (think early on he can develop the later easier) but need to make that impact if he wants to reach the level we are hoping for him as a very good CM for Barca for years to come.

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