Guys, i wanted to make a topic about a new young CM that Brazil's manager (Tite) just called to the National Team: Arthur (its the first time). Can i just go and create a topic on the "Other Players" session? Or do i have to wait for some news about him appearing in marca, sport, etc? I think that this boy (21 years old) is the first brazilian's midfilder that has Barcelona's DNA since Coutinho. Seriously, watching this guy play, i think he really is the real deal, not another Lucas Silva at all. While i wachted Lucas, i had that impression that he was too slow for European football (Like Sevillla's Ganso) and did not have the vision and brain to dictate the rhythm of the game, But that Arthur boy... I acctually dare to say that he reminds me of Iniesta sometimes. He can drible when needed, has great vision and a good ratio of passes (pass sucess percentage of 93% He played his first game for Grêmio like it was nothing, debuted this year and is already one of the names in the National Team radar (almost as fast as Gabriel Jesus). I think that we need to move fast to get him while he is cheaper... Now that he was called by the NT, he will certainly bring more attention of teams that are searching for players that can control the game. Grêmio's Luan is also a good player, he is one of those that can play as false 9, he was doing it until last year.

Arthur is a player that you have to watch to judge, because he plays with his brains. Is something like Muller, his real quality is his head.


Arthur vs Botafogo:


Small video:


Longer video:


And if you are worried about him understanding Barcelona's style, look at how Grêmio (Arthur team's) try to play ball (for some time already).


Anyway, can i actually make this post a new topic for Arthur?


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Incredible player. Play with an impressive maturity. He has won a call for the Brazilian team recently, I hope he is successful because he is much better than Giuliano.

Keep an eye on another midfielder who was bought by Manchester City and loaned to Girona: Douglas Luiz.


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The problem is that we only have three Non-EU spots.

Paulinho, Marlon/Yerry Mina and...another spot


He's a great player. Also, he was watched by our scouts. Yesterday 2 key passes and 91% accuracy.


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Recital of Don Arthur in the final of Libertadores.
If we have scouts there today, is done.

Looks very promising. Robert Fernandez watched the game. If we have room for Non-EU players or there is a way for Arthur to get a citizenship for a country within the EU, he could be a perfect signing alongside Coutinho as long as it doesn't cost too much ;)

Got to admit I haven't seen much of him, but I see everyone raving about him including legit football journalists calling him the next big thing and the kind of midfielder Brazil sorely lacks.


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