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Sabella has made some positive changes to the team. He has managed to get Messi scoring and made his partnerships with Pipita, di Maria and Kun effective especially on the counter.

The team is harmonious. Midfield needs work. Pastore cannot be relied upon at present. Don't get me wrong I am a great fan of Flaco hence the avatar but he still refuses to play the simple ball at times and gives the ball away.

Sabella does not trust the defence. He maintains both fullbacks generally very deep and prefers the 2 defensive midfielders and di Maria to tuck in whenever possible. He's right at the moment. Having a headless chicken like Lavezzi doesn't help who barely does any work at all.

Messi did perform against Paraguay but was a bit listless against Peru but his work rate cannot be faulted and all the over reaction from his performances for Barcelona this season are just that. I think he is managing himself better than ever, pacing himself and deevloping his awareness of positional play in time to become an enganche.

However Sabella has made it clear to the other players unlike under the two previous idiots that the gameplan is not to just pass the ball to Leo and hope he creates something but to take the onus on their own shoulders.

And indeed use what Messi may find troublesome in being double even triple marked as an advantage to the team and use him as a decoy. And it has worked on several occasions recently where it has left other players in space.

Zanela I would have liked to see Yacob called as Masche's immediate replacement. Cirigliano and Canteros as more longer term sucessors.

Yacob is getting back to his form of 2010 when he was unlucky not to go to South Africa. Brana is past it now. Guinazu to give him his due performed well when called upon. He is experienced and reads the game well but by 2014 will his legs hold up ?

Cirigliano is more a box to box 5 more reminiscent of a Redondo though without the finesse, Yacob more a Masche type organizer and simple passer but slightly less rough and tough in the tackle.

As for defenders I would dearly love to see Garay dropped. Has nothing special about him or any potential. Fernandez has made interceptions and tackles and passed the ball well out of defence. Yes he is not the paciest and although he is great attacking the ball at set pieces he needs to learn from Ayala how to position himself for defensive corners.

I would look to Musacchio. I have no idea why he stayed with Villareal when Gonzalo for example left. He's wasting at least half a season in Segunda football. He'd be a smart acquisition for many a side in the Primera or Serie A. Reads the game superbly and tackles hard.

The other is Pezzella. Shaky debut where he did again display his almost strikers like knack of scoring. But he has the character of a leader and is very calm and assured and also a good passer of the ball. He and FF could well be the 2 & 6 that are needed.

But will Sabella as he should do with it being 2012 still experiment with the youth ? I hope so. Juan Manuel Martinez impressed again and why he was turned over in faviur of Barcos I have no idea. He may not be prolific but he makes things happen.

As for the fullbacks the younger ones have talent and pace as does the older Ansaldi. Something the flanks do need and need to in order to operate further forward and help open the pitch up for Messi and his friends.

In the coming months I hope to see Sabella bleed some of the younger ones into the team and overhaul that midfield gradually into a cohesive unit along with the defence.

Certain players also need to consider moves in January. FF, Damian Martinez, Musacchio and Tagliafico being some.
Interested to know what you think of Sanchez Miño from Boca Juniors. He started off as a defender (LB) but now has since been used as an attacking midfielder due to his intelligence and versatility.

Also, Nolan. Yeah Roncaglia never gets caught out of position, and I've never seen him out hustled. Quality.


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This thread has obviously been on a diet.

Tough test for Argentina tomorrow. Uruguay, despite being an aged team, is still one of the best teams in South America.


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Sabella is more varied in his selections than the two previous clowns it has to be said.

For the domestic farce against Brazil he did call up Mugni though young Vietto was not called along with Lisandro Lopez of Arsenal and Adrian Centurion also of Racing.

In this squad he has called young Gino Peruzzi who marked Neymar out of the Libertadores when Velez played Santos last season. He has made the right choice in calling up former Velez man Juan Manuel Martinez too but persisting with Brana over say Ponzio who has been in very food form is puzzling.

And persisting with Guinazu too. It's time those of a certain age were cut as I have repeatedly felt they will not last the pace in 2014. And Clemente ? Even Boca fans will be scratching their heads at that.

Left back options being ignored are Ansaldi and Mino. Pepe Silvia Mino is impressive at coming forward and attacking as befits a converted winger but he needs to learn more about the defensive side of things. If Sabella switched to a 3-5-2 he'd be ideal but in a four he may become a liability against teams better equipped to exploit spaces behind the attacker.

Roncaglia. He's maturing late and if he wants to play for Italy let him. What a sad attitude to have and poke in the eye.

On the youth front this late maturing is interesting. The jump to Europe is not easy and several players have had to take a second bite at it. Bergessio has responded well afte a poor initial stint in Portugual and others develop slowly. di Santo is starting to show the form he displayed at Audax Italiano. His touch has been undeniable but he has added aggression, pace and physical presence to his intelligence and he is now progressing nicely from the end of last season to this in the EPL.

And goalkeepers. Long a black hole in the seleccion there are two young prospects in the EPL. Damian Martinez has been a regular in all age group sides for Argentina and debuted in the League Cup against Coventry last week and if Wenger sticks to his normal policy he should be a regular in that. Unfortunately he has still to displace Mannone but he has great ability.

Paulo Gazzaniga is a six foot four giant who despite his talent was not utilized by Valencia and made a strange looking move to the fourth tier of English football and Gillingham. He was the best keeper in the division. Not much you might say to shout about but he matched current England number 2 Jack Butland and was keeper of the division.

He has been signed by Southampton and has played very well in his last two games in the EPL. For a young kid he has great confidence, He has the physique and agility of a top class keeper and is an excellent shot and penalty stopper as well as being a very good distributor of the ball from the back . Almost like an outfield player. And for a kid he is not afraid to shout at much older defenders and order them about. It is pleasing and welcome news to see considering the dearth of goalkeeping talent Argentina has experienced since the loss of Goyocochea.

The most recent u20 squad that played Mexico has some familiar names in it in Giovanni Simeone, Jonathan Valle and Lucas Rodriguez are the most highly rated. Others eligibles like Alessio Innocenti AC Milan and former Barca Juvenil player Mauro Icardi (Sampdoria) were not released.

Carlos Ruiz, Matías Kranevitter, Emanuel Mammana, Giovanni Simeone (River Plate)
Alan Aguirre, Lisandro Magallan (Boca Juniors)
Andrés Mehring, Marcos Fernández (Colón de Santa Fe)
Eugenio Isnaldi, Jonathan Valle (Newell’s Old Boys)
Juan Musso, Mauro Bazan (Racing Club)
Lucas Rodríguez (Argentinos Juniors)
Gastón Gil Romero (Estudiantes de La Plata)
Ángel Correa (San Lorenzo de Almagro)
Leonel Buter (Independiente)
Lucas Salas (San Martín de San Juan)
Brian Fernández (Defensa y Justicia)
Juan C. Careaga (All Boys)
Federico Cartabia (Valencia CF ESP)

Ed well it isn't a surprise. Pochettino's especially. However Argentina cannot like any other side in world football claim to be whiter than white. It's up the authorities to use technology to punish simulators and stamp it out of the game.

King Leo

it looks like one tense match to watch tomorrow. I can't wait! They trained with 4-3-3 formation and possible starting lineup of
Gago and...

now how good is the attacking lineup? Uruguay will likely prepare for this with defense and sting on the counter with Forlan, Suarez and Cavani. killer game to watch.


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The Brazil friendly was the only game Argentina really had defensive problems, but I still think they will benefit from Coloccini's call up again. They need to have a stronger defense if they come up against European teams in the WC.


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The Brazil friendly was the only game Argentina really had defensive problems, but I still think they will benefit from Coloccini's call up again. They need to have a stronger defense if they come up against European teams in the WC.

Not really, Argentina should have conceded 3/4 goals against Chile, only poor finishing stopped that.

Also the game in Peru they were lucky not to concede 2/3 more.

The only game the defence as looked solid in was the Uraguay game.


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Not really, Argentina should have conceded 3/4 goals against Chile, only poor finishing stopped that.

Also the game in Peru they were lucky not to concede 2/3 more.

The only game the defence as looked solid in was the Uraguay game.

Well maybe, I'm talking results wise, recently they've rarely conceded more than 1 goal. I know their offense is a factor in that. Having Coloccini back there would help


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The Argentine defense is getting pretty much better, Napoli's Fernandez is very talent, but Garay is just average,, If he plays alongside Colloccini or Masherano, the Argentine full-back would be solid. The lack of Argentina is a central midfilder like Xavi or Riquelme, Gago is just average. The win over Germany and Chile were litte lucky.


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They were not lucky against Germany. Germany were lucky they did not concede six or seven. They are very weak at the back. Chile had a couple of clear chances that was all. The rest were speculative and in the second half they were restricted to chances outside of the box. Garay I suspect is a but of a weakness. Much prefer to see Colocinni, Spolli , Musacchio come in at some point. And no Mascherano at centreback either. He is a defensive midfielder first and foremost and link player. Gago has been playing well and provided some neat passing although his physicality is poor and he still lapses in concentration every game.

23 man squad for the friendly against Saudi Arabia. I'd be looking for the side to score at least six or seven goals.
Cristian Alvarez (Espanyol) Sergio Romero (Sampdoria) Mariano Andujar (Catania)

Fabriccio Colocinni (Newcastle) Federico Fernandez (Napoli) Hugo Campagnaro (Napoli) Exequiel Garay (Benfica) Marcos Rojo (Sporting Lisbon) Pablo Zabaleta (Manchester City) Luciano Monzon (Lyon)

Javier Mascherano (Barcelona) Fernando Gago (Valencia) Alberto Costa (Valencia) Ricardo Alvarez (Internazionale) Angel di Maria (Real Madrid) Enzo Perez (Benfica) Eduardo Salvio (Benfica) Fabian Rinaudo (Sporting Lisbon)

Lionel Messi (Barcelona) Gonzalo Higuain (Real Madrid) Augusto Fernandez (Celta Vigo) Sergio Aguero (Manchester City) Franco di Santo (Wigan Athletic)

Interesting choices. First call up for di Santo after impressing for Wigan at the end of last season and beginning of this and there is a need of a target nine. He has good awareness and passing skills but his physical frailty and lack of desire to get into the box was a handicap until this season. However several Argentine strikers have flowered late like Crespo and others of a lesser standard like Bergessio took two opportunities to make their mark.

Monzon brought in as an alternative attacking leftback who has improved defensively and played very well for Nice last season. Rinaudo missed most of last season with a serious injury after having been called up last year and is a defensive midfielder in the mould of a Brana but far younger. Alvarez has shown more for Internazionale this season but Perez and Salvio have just shown flashes. However their exposure in European competition may have helped.

Disappointed by the absence of Ansaldi and Spolli of Catania. And certainly the lack of Erik Lamela who has been impressive for Roma this season under the wise guidance of Zeman. Pastore unfortunately has dropped off the radar. Banega is unfortunately for him injured. This won't help him at all which is a shame as he is a better player than Gago and when he is on his game he is world class.

The u17 continued their impressive form beating Panama 2-0 and the USA 3-1 in their quadrangular games.

Suarez of Boca was impressive.

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