Antonio Rüdiger

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Deserves own thread really, surprised there wasn't much discussion about him since Chelsea or even Roma days

And what a way to start it


You're welcome
Yeah he solid. Expected he'd do a good job. Was gutted to find out Militao was suspended.
With Alaba solid pairing. Militao way overrated. Been saying it.

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I swear the consensus was that Rudiger was if not a flop but an underwhelming signing at least before the City game.


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So Ancelotti had instructed both him and Alaba to stay close to Haaland all the time.
So it's not that Rudiger alone pocketed him

But then the problem was that Pep's conservative approach failed to exploit the gaps left between Rudiger-Alaba conjoined twin like mass and either FB

El Gato

Lmao no one was looking to sell him anywhere
Along with maybe Nacho he was the best player at the club between Jan and April

That he can't do everything is plain enough
But he can certainly do what he did the other night

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