Antoine Griezmann


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He's worse on the right. He's good on the left if it's Griez-Messi-Dembele.

However my ideal setup would be Fati-Messi-Dembele. Fati would be the most ideal on the left.


He can't do shit on the left. It is a waste of space to play him there. And will also cause problems to team formation and tactic as a whole.


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Valverde: "With Griezmann I rely on our needs and what he can give, at Atlético Madrid he was a striker. At Real Sociedad he played on the left, knowing that he moves well, I think that is a good position for him because he has support and can get to the area."

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With messi on the right suarez in the middle he can only play on the left side. They bought him as lw and they already said this even before he played his first game. This club is ruled by morons.

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He scored his goal as a number 9 would. Great instinct and finish. His place is inside the box. Seriously, he is one of the best finishers in the game, and we are playing him on the wing.


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Still can't see a reason why he can't replace Suarez centrally. He plays great there, at least compared to current Suarez.


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This is really a joke. When was the last time someone was punished because of this? atm is doing it all the time and other teams as well and nobody punished them. 300 euro or not its still a fine.

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