Angel Di Maria


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Scored a beautiful free kick against Costa Rica. Meh. Easy!

Probably in the Top 5/6 best Argentina NT players ever:

1- Maradona
2- Messi
3- Kempes/Passarella
5- Di Maria/Batigol

Possibly the best second fiddle/sidekick/Robin of our generation? If you have an elite main man in your team, doubt there are many players you'd pick ahead of ADM as your supporting cast.

Free Kicks, Indirect FKs, corners, crossing, long shooting, passing, dribbling, trickery - his technical ability is an absolute joke! :lol:


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Messi and Maradona gotta be 1a and 1b for the Argentine NT at this point.

Messi has like 160 G+A for them, both have been to 2 WC finals and spearheaded a win in the other, and Messi has more Copa finals and wins. Maradona's insanely amazing 86 performance balances this all out to make them roughly even for the NT.

Also, got to factor in that Messi faced more pressure, because he had to live up to Maradona's Argentina NT legacy and wasn't loved as he is today in Argentina without that WC 22 win.

People's champion in Argentina will always be Maradona though.

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