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Why are people surprised by an Argentine player doing Argentine player things? lol

The team you all supported in the recent world cup did this throughout the tournament.

He's Ronaldo fanboy and likely to pick Spain over Argentina. He ain't Argentine on my watch.


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Finally figured out looks like Ashton Kutcher.

More like a retarded version of Kutcher. Most punchable face in football right now, IMO. His douchebag behavior not contributing less to that. Hope he stays away from the Argentinian NT.


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Lol, glad this clown got put back in his place

Now, behave before Papa Messi finds out you were talking smack about Pedri :messi:


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This shithead got what he deserves. He is probably the most despicable player in world football currently, way more than Vinicius.


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Talented player, just need his attitude to be fixed.

Time for Messi to correct that during the March international friendlies.

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That will definitely be the goal of the season in England and maybe in Europe. Outrageous stuff. But think he will fail as a player and not amount to much.

He managed to spoil a great moment with a cringeworthy copy of Ronaldo's celebration. I suspect as he matures he will look back on that with much embarrassment. His worshipping of Ronaldo is frankly bizarre, especially given Ronaldo denigrates any achievement his national team captain achieves.

Really surprised nobody has told him how embarrassing it looks. But then again, he doesn't seem to have many friends in that Argentina squad.


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Amazing goal truly but I'm unimpressed with his overall game. I just don't see 'it' with him as I do with the other big talents.

If he proves me wrong, I'm sure he'll end up at Madrid following in his idols footsteps.

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