9 - Robert Lewandowski


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RL9 getting ready to work with Flick again



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Good luck getting a player out whose wage increases and doesn't want to leave.

Only option is a new manager to try and get best out of him for a year while breeding In the replacement (if the auto renewal clauses are true).


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I doubt Xavi wanted him out desperately, he played him every minute he could.

Just knew we needed a younger more mobile striker and was disappointed in roque.

Who else were we gonna get to replace him if not roque, at this moment in time?


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Xavi started to sub him out regularly though.

Xavi wanted to get rid off Lewa.

Laporta wanted to keep him so he sacked Xavi and brought Flick who shares agent with Lewa. And that agent also happens to be very close to Laporta.

Yeah, I don't think it's that unlikely.

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