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Oh...you know....let's face it, no magic is gonna happen with his prospective performance(s). We've seen already those other fading greats before, and I don't think he's that special to defy the biological laws.
FC Barcelona style of play is too technical and too fast for him and would have been even in his prime...I hate to say it but sometimes he just looks too clumsy, if not embarrassing, among this spanish/latino tunes of play...Career wise, after Bayern, he should have gone to Juve or, for that matter, your Liverpool where his physicality and poacher instincts would have been utilized to a much better efficiency....
Don't get me wrong...here, at Barca, he is still a valuable asset and worth his money, but they bought not exactly the tool they really had been in need for. It's like someone needs a modern jet plane but buys a state of the art yacht instead....
Take it easy...lol
I'm taking it easy mate.

It's pretty obvious that he's still an integral part of current Barcelona.

They aren't getting a striker next window and have other positions to prioritise in the market.

So we can expect atleast one more season in Barca. After that, let's see what happens.

No player stays in his prime forever. Just think you should enjoy the remaining years of his career instead of worrying about some numpties criticising him on an online Forum.



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Temporary fan pulled the switcheroo on Temp just like he did on us

When Temp joined the forum he was singing the tune of “two GOATs” before he started trolling Messi/ Barca

:lol: Brilliant trolling by whoever this is
As recently, as 2-3 years ago, In Bundesliga, against an opponent from the mid table, like Las Palmas, say Mainz or Augsburg, he would have scored a brace or a hat trick easily. Often, at Bayern, he was accused of delivering goals only in games that didn't matter...not quite the case and rather unfair an opinion imho...but whenever he did not score against rivals like that, it felt odd.

Maybe his form pattern shifted from being the most prolific scorer with average teams to those from the top tier... Beware Real and PSG!
I rate his performance in this game - from 1 to 5 - as 3.
Average...Insignificant...yet partially impacting the outcome by engaging the opponent...but for that sort of task you don't need an 'elite' striker.
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I think he was tired like Yamal, he played 210 minutes lately. But overall he wasnt bad, like Tookien said a bit unlucky and his finishing was off yesterday even tough one header hit the crossbar. He will be fine for PSG.


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This yellow card thing was so stupid. I wonder if it was his idea or some Barca "genius" give him last minut order to force this card. IMO he won't play against RM :(

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