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No chance.

Gavi fan boys obsessed by FDJ the better player.

FDJ gets into evry team in world. Gavi doesnt get close.

Keep mentioning FDJ though. It is very relevant to Gavis level.

FDJ would start for City beside Rodri... Gavi would not get in their squad on current level.

Absolute delusion about Gavis current level as per ever.

Keep believing he is having a 'very good season'.


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Pedri and FDJ are both top class.

FDJ is better but Pedri can get there and not much in it.

Gavi is fucking light years off those two and Gundogan currently.


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Fake news.

FDJ was Barcas best player after Messi the season before Xavi came in and levels above what Gavi is showing,

Two seasons prior to that he was voted best midfielder in Europe.


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Fake news... FDJ was Barcas second best player after Messi that season.

Two seasons before that the best mid in Europe.

Top top player is Frenkie.

Usual shite from usual folk. If anything FDJ in that first season which was his worst reigned himself in too much and got better since.

Far from the Gavi little on ball and chasing aything that moves.
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