3rd place match: Brasil - Netherlands 0-3

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Estadio Nacional - Brasilia (BRA)
12 Jul 2014 - 17:00 Local time(21h BST, 22h CEST)

Brasil - Netherlands


Total Matches Played: 11

BRA: 3 wins

Draws: 5

NED: 3 wins

Total Goals scored: 30
BRA: 15
NED: 15

Really balanced history between them.

Brazil players are a mess, don't know how they'll feel playing this. I agree with LvG, this shouldn't even be played.


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I know after you are emotionally destroyed for not advancing to the final, you have this game....well for the winners of this match, at least you leave with a medal.


Netherlands has this one IMO. As I said on the other thread, LVG vs Scolari... there's no comparison.

Too bad the game is played on the pitch.

Brazil won't go down easily especially not after being trashed 7-1 in the last game. A chance to redeem themselves.


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Judging by Van Gaal's comments, I wont be suprised if he decides to start his subs in this match.

Getting out that way they did and seeing Argentina getting to the final must really hurt for Brazil so they'll surely make a match out of it IMO.


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Well at least Silva will be back. So defense is stable again. Players from Brazil will be looking for redemption from this match (even if it's a little)


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Not that upset about Nederland getting eliminated since it was yet another snoozefest of a match from them. I definitely didn't enjoy their revival of Catenaccio throughout the tournament, totally un-Dutch.

I'm torn... I strongly dislike Argentina but would like Messi to win the title and am indifferent towards Germany but would rather they add another WC due to their consistency to produce great teams.


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I don't think any player is looking forward to this match......3rd price would be a slight consolation maybe, but I don't really care about this one. I expect Brazil to be more motivated, obviously, but it's hard to recover, I suspect, from such a devastating loss in a couple of days.


This match was a bad idea. I agree with LvG, after a team has had an excellent world cup, if they lose this game, that's 2 games in a row they've lost. They go home as losers.


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I think the previous version with a point based system to determine the champion was better than the single game knockout
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